Take the Last Ham Quiz!
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Take the Last Ham Quiz!

How Well Do You Know the Hams??

Take this fun trivia quiz and see if you know facts such as favorite standup comedian, favorite comedy, home town, and more! Share your results on Social Media!

Different questions each time!

Who has appeared in Koons Automotive TV commercials?
Dave Wright is an actor/director/producer with over 30 years of experience working with several professional and community theatres in the DC area. He also has many film and commercial credits, including several spots with Koons Automotive. Dave created the Last Ham Standing comedy show in 2003
Matt Hartman has been performing on stage since 4th grade and improv since 2002. He started at the DC ComedySportz and performed with several troupes in the DC area (including Last Ham). Matt's had the chance to perform in LA, Chicago, New York, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Charleston, Miami, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Columbus, and his hometown of Pittsburgh. He was also in those Wal-Mart commercials.
Who began performing at age 11 and participated in workshops by Last Ham headliners Steve Heaton and Dave Sly?
Garett Hill
Tori Wynn received a B.A in Acting at Christopher Newport University in 2015. She is a graduate of Second City’s Comedy Studies Program, Conservatory Program, and The Annoyance Theater’s Improv Program. She is a former ensemble member of ComedySportzDC and current member of the ComedySportzChicago team RUSE. She is an ensemble member at The Revival Theater in Hyde Park, Chicago and a writer/performer on the sketch team, TYPE.
Dewey Nelson, Comedy Improv Performer with Last Ham Standing
________________ is an actor and writer, known for V/H/S/2 (2013).
Austin Bragg
Jack Reda has been doing improv comedy for 30 years with Theatersports, ComedySportz, and his own troupe (the District of Columbia Unscripted Players). Jack won a role on the third season of the improv show World Cup Comedy mere days before it was canceled.
Mikael Johnson
How Well Do You Know the Hams??
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