Take the Last Ham Quiz!
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Take the Last Ham Quiz!

How Well Do You Know the Hams??

Take this fun trivia quiz and see if you know facts such as favorite standup comedian, favorite comedy, home town, and more! Share your results on Social Media!

Different questions each time!

Name Dave Wright's all-time favorite TV comedy?
Dave Wright
Who was Steve Heaton's comic idol when he was growing up?
Steve Heaton Improv Comedian with Last Ham Standing
Which LHS Player has traveled with the International Clown Festival?
Julie teaches a variety of acting and improv classes at The Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory, and is currently the theatre specialist at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, where she develops and performs three shows, all of which include historically accurate improvisation.
Rachel Garmon, Improv Performer with Last Ham Standing
Dewey Nelson has been performing improv comedy for the past 14 years. Almost half his life! And when you think about all the years he couldn’t perform improv (because of being a baby) that’s pretty cool! How long are you a baby anyway? Three years? Ten years? Who can remember?! Dewey’s humble beginnings in improv started in Loudoun County Virginia on the Potomac Falls High School improv team, S.O.F.A. From competing in the Washington Improv Theater’s (WIT) Fighting Improv Smackdown Tournament (FIST), preforming with Off The Cuff (OTC) and Last Ham Standing,
How Well Do You Know the Hams??
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